Delysium is the world's first playable AAA standard Web3 MMORPG Blockchain Game. Delysium features vibrant graphics, innovative entirely player-owned gameplay, and an AI-powered open world with a freely owned Multiverse.

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Yuheng Chan CEO of rct.AI & Delysium

CEO of rct.AI & Delysium wishes to accelerate the development process and make Delysium a bridge between Web2/Web3 gamers, and aims to be Delysium as the first AAA Blockchain game with great success to as a "guideline" for other future projects of Web3 through AI technology.

Bo Mei Senior Product Manager & Lead Producer at Riot

Bo Mei is a Former Senior Product Manager & Lead Producer at Riot. He has more than 10 years of experience in the field of game production, publishing, and strategic management. Bo Mei's valuable experiences will certainly be invaluable to the development of Delysium.

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Delysium is an open world MMO game with vibrant graphics, innovative gameplay entirely owned by players, using AI technology to help players create a variety of personalized physical assets toyourself in MetaBeings (In Delysium, digitized real people living in virtual identities are called MetaBeings.) in a 2045 world setting.

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