Getting Started

  • Apply for a Gategame developer account.
  • Setting up the time configuration for the refresh_key and access_key.
  • Integrate with the Gategame API. Start with /auth to gain the access_key and refresh_key.
  • Within the Account Service, Inventory Service, and Achievement Service panels, game developers can focus only on the Player and Gameplay without worrying about Blockchain level logic.


Minting an NFT item is simple. However, in the real game environment, there are several more item interactions that may make the NFT-item interaction complex. Gategame works with several MMO games to make sure that we cover all possible item interactions within our SDK. We are committed to continuously updating our SDK with new NFT items logic and working to fix any noticed or reported bugs.


Gategame understands that marketplace interaction is important for all NFT games. We are focused on creating both a great marketplace experience for game developers and players, as well as an API so game developers can work directly with our marketplace.

Game developers are in control of their NFT items. That control includes when to list, at which price to list, stock management, and the minting process (with fee). Gategame provides everything developers need to connect their games to the NFT marketplace.


Auction House is Gategame’s special marketplace. We combined all the necessary features from the popular MMO Auction House, with the Blockchain, while remaining aware of Blockchain advantages and limitations.

Similar to the normal marketplace, in the Auction House, game developers are in total control of their NFT items and the listing process, so long as they comply with the Gategame rules for auctioning.

Merging / Spliting

We have equipped our SDK to handle even the more complex minting process, such as merging and splitting features. Merging, or combining, is how a player can create new items by combining several other items into one. Splitting creates new items by taking one item and splitting it into two or more. In online game, especially MMO this kind of interaction is very popular.

Gategame SDK has the ability to handle this kind of interaction with our /combine and /merge functions. The "resource" item will have to be locked until we can confirm the creation of the "result" item.

More details will be released in future documentation.


is the central system of GG system, its purpose is to accurately evaluate the contributions of player, KOL, curator, thereby allowing GG system to give the corresponding reward.

The Calculator is an AI system that values ​a player's account based on achievements and possessions.

In addition to that, The Calculator calculates how much can be earned from different games based on the number of NFTs or experience players currently have.

Multi Token Integration

The Gategame website and SDK have been built to provide every piece of functionality that a game developer will need to manage their gaming economy. This includes the ability to work with multiple tokens (both in-game tokens and public chain tokens).


Through our API, GateGame allows users and game makers to sell a variety of their in-game items. Everything from avatars to skins and accounts. After that, players can mint these NFT items into any of our supported public chains. Gategame always gives players complete control over their assets and NFTs.

Unity Ready

Soon, Gategame’s SDK will be available on Unity as a plugin. Currently, some of the external Unity games (such as the Stellaverse games) are already working with Gategame SDK Beta. After we launch the Unity Gategame API, we will start working on other popular game engines such as Unreal and others.

Global NFT Diagram

Pylon is our global NFT item. It can provide a variety of buffs for both in-game activities (like attack dmg and movement speed) and on-chain activities (like the ability to earn tokens). Unlike a normal NFT item, Pylon's buff can be applied across all Gategame games.

Game developers can also consider it as a demonstration of our Global NFT System. It allows their in-game item to be used in other games across the multiverse. This can greatly enhance their product recognition as well as access to a much larger player base.

Secure Deposit/ Withdrawal Process

We’ve worked hard to ensure that our deposit and withdrawal process can be trusted and secure. We want to enable game developers to interact with items and currency in a secure and transparent manner.

Tell us about your project

Through the API system, GateGame allows users and game makers to sell a variety of their in-game items: avatars, items, skins... and accounts. All with the support of The Calculator pricing system.