The King of Fighters Arena' is a new real-time PvP Battler in the long-running series

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Netmarble is the publisher behind The King of Fighters ARENA project! Netmarble Corporation is a Korean developer, a largest mobile game company founded in 2000. Netmarble is a leading online game publisher and collection of top development studios. different globally.

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The King of Fighters ARENA (KOF ARENA) is Netmarble's new action-driven real-time online PvP game based on SNK's The King of Fighters series. King of Fighters fans all over the world will fight each other for victory. 

By implementing blockchain technology into the game, publisher KOF ARENA has created a gaming environment where players can also benefit from playing Play to Earn. For those who are not familiar with or have difficulty "enjoying" the battles, the developer has added an "Own to Earn" system so that players can profit from the game. Play without participating in battles. 

Choose your favorite Fighter (Free to Play), and use skillful controls to battle other players in 2 different match styles to win The King of Fighters ARENA!

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